Prelim 13 Dressage Test

Horse/pony to have no more than 49 British Dressage points. Prelim 7 Prelim 13 Prelim 14 Dressage Tests All tests are the current British Dressage Tests.

Preliminary 13 2006 SQ ВЈ17: ВЈ18, ВЈ10, ВЈ8 13: Dressage International: FEI Intermediate I 2009 SQ Tests on indoor 20×40 Pro-trac and outdoor 20×60. Belle (North Grange Black Magic) doing dressage test Prelim 13 set to music.

She is for sale more details here www.back-in-balance. The British Dressage website is essential, regular viewing for all dressage Preliminary 13 Test Sheet.

Improve your dressage performance with 28 online coaching videos containing introductory, preliminary and novice BD tests. Online tuition for dressage test performances.

Please, has anyone got a copy of Prelim 13 and 14 they can send me??? Pretty please hehe Also I used to get dressage sheets from that website www.dressagediagrams. Thousands of riders, helpers, trainers and spectators around the world have now taken advantage of our website to get to grips with dressage tests quickly.

Training to ride preliminary dressage tests. British Dressage Preliminary Test Laminated Sheets 2012 Ref: 66 Purchase these as individual laminated sheets at ВЈ2 each or a set of 10 at ВЈ13.

Dressage Dates and Tests; Test 1: Test 2: Test 3: Test 4: Test 5: Test 6 : Novice. Dressage classes will start at 11am prompt.

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