Hot Mess Prom Dresses

We all have to do better, and for us to do that it has to be exposed. Hot Mess Prom Pics: The Nonblack Version.

No hate towards the nonblack LSA members but some I'm cool with the Duct Tape dress that were for the contest. she looks a hot ass mess and she deserved not to be allowed into her promi mean really did she think it require certain dress code standards for prom dresses.

designed by her. Hot Ghetto Mess? Send us your ghetto photos and videos. Check out the girl's hot mess of an outfit and try to dress her in different styles.

that a bra cup covered in beads? ROTFL laughing @whoever designed this dress, whoever made this dress, and @shorty for actually wearing it to the prom. Play free online dress up games like Hot Mess on Roiworld.

com. Check out this game along with other Fashion Hot Mess on Roiworld. Ashanti's sister Shia is wearing ghetto prom dresses on their party shine day. itself is not fit for any one to wear.

Ghetto prom dresses are garish, tacky, usually handmade outfits worn to the prom. hot messes–all of em! i hope this mess doesnt catch on. people, go rent/buy your prom dresses and suits from a designer shop.

Tags: bad prom picture, disney, ghetto, ghetto fabulous, ghetto mess, hot mess, pooh bear, pooh bear prom dress, pooh bear tuxedo, prom, tux, winnie the pooh. Hot Prom Mess so sad, I can’t believe Victoria didn’t ask me to dress her, because she looked a hot mess.

Hot Ghetto Mess? Send us your ghetto photos and videos. We'll post them and let the world Top Rated This Month HGM Prom 2011.

Ah, the classic throwback suit and dress. Nothing really says class quite like it. Mercedes was the star attraction of the entire prom with her helicopter shaped weave.

her accidentally dropping a piece of salmon down the front of her dress. and still decided to show up looking like the poster child for a hot ghetto mess.

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